Keshia Thomas

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About Me

I’m Keshia Thomas
“Teaching is the foundation to success”

Goal 2-Increase district’s workforce and programs to reflect our student population.

African American Academic Acceleration

Expansion of the A4 Summer Reading Program to Ayer, King, Thomas, Pyle, Wilson, Slater, Heaton and Williams Elementary, with in-person and distance learning options. A total of 261 of the originally enrolled 359 K-4 students completed the three-week program, with 77% of students meeting or exceeded their reading goals.


Through strategic planning and a cross-collaborative team including parents, principals, district leadership, several departments, and more, Parent University revamped their Family Learning for the 22/23 school year to better engage parents at all schools in all languages.

Early Learning

Collaborated with Head Start—for the first time in Fresno–to run a Head Start 6-hour preschool program at 5 elementary sites, providing wrap-around health and nutrition services to our families most in need.



In partnership with Equity and Access, developed a Student Resource Officer (SRO) engagement tool to capture a more robust view of daily engagements between students and police on campus.

Information Technology

Received $58M federal Emergency Connectivity Fund funding, to provide devices, home internet, and bus Wi-Fi to staff and students with unmet needs.

  • Teacher
  •  Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Teaching
  •  Vice – Principal
  • High School Careers Director
  • Community member for over 35 years
  • Community Volunteer for over 31 years
  • Fresno Unified Trustee Area 1 For 4 years
Our Support

Keshia Thomas is Endorsed by:

Here is the NEXT TRUSTEE for AREA 1, Keshia Thomas. Welcome to tomorrow today.

Carl Johnson - FUSD Trustee, Area 1

Keshia Thomas is by far the most qualified candidate to represent our students in the Edison region. She has shown her commitment and passion to our students through a lifetime of work in our community. I am honored to give my endorsement without hesitation or reservation to Keshia Thomas.

Oliver Baines - Fresno City Councilmember

Keshia is an advocate who has proven her commitment to our community through actions. She has the experience, qualifications and drive needed to make sure our kids thrive.

Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas "President, FUSD Trustee Board"

I am proud to support a woman who is not afraid of anyone. Not afraid to challenge the status quo to support the teacher, communicate with the principal, challenge the school board, hold accountable the parent and change the reality of the children. Keshia Thomas is my choice because she understands vision and without a good vision this district will perish. She is not afraid to make our children’s reality successful!

DJ Criner "Pastor"

I was thrilled that Keshia decided to run for school board because I knew she would be an excellent hard working candidate and trustee. Keshia is what FUSD needs to assist in transitioning FUSD into an excellent school district.

Earl Brown "President, Fresno Career Development Institute"

Education is a critical vehicle to the future and success of our children! I believe Keshia Thomas will ensure that ALL of our children receive a quality education and will listen to the concerns of the families and be the voice to make the changes!

Dr. Gloria Ponce-Rodriguez "Educator "

I have known Keshia all of her life, I was best friends with her grandmother Jimmie Echols. I watched Keshia grow into the kind of person that everyone can trust and be proud of, who carries on the legacy of her grandmother serving the church, community and education. I know Fresno will be a better place with Keshia serving on the school board.

LaVera Williams " Executive Director"

I believe Keshia is dedicated and committed and will do what is in the best interest of our students, our district and our community which she has proven through her work ethics.

Dottie Smith " Retired School Board Member"

I am recommending for you to vote for Keshia Thomas. I believe she is the best candidate for the position. She is a hard worker and she really cares about kids and is the best candidate.

Paul Dictos "Fresno County Assessor"

Make the best choice, Vote Keshia Thomas for FUSD board! As a school principal for the district, Keshia has the experience, passion and knowledge in advocating and supporting our youth and families in achieving educational success! She will make sure that all children across sociecominic and color lines are represented and served.

Dr. Khampha Thephavong Community and Youth Advocate